after opened

Thank you for coming to the opening reception on December 16th, 2010. I am glad to see many people were able to show up. In the meantime, I wondered who could notice the fact that some of my works were not 100% functioned. I hope nobody…

opening_at_ACInstitute Front: generate Back: propagate

Whenever I install propagate, I need to adjust the 16 speakers’ sound levels with a sound meter. This time, I set up the maximum white noise setting as 53.5dB A, which is good level with other sound pieces. The sound volume controls the brightness of LEDs. Therefore, once I finish the setting, it is not easy to gain the volume for a temporary event like an opening reception. Some people have told me that I should separate the volume control for sound and light, for instance, with MAX/MSP or PureData. Yes, it is possible. But I have refused the way to solve the problem digitally and separately. I edit one 16-channel surround sound file with Logic Pro and send the signals to sound i/o to convert to analog signals. The analog signal is its main source =”birth.” The “birth” is a keyword for propagate when I started to create it. The analog sound waves/signals propagate the messages. That’s the main idea of my technical aspect for propagate. I don’t know if this makes sense to other people though…
Anyway, what I mention here “function” is not about the volume or sound level, but four LEDs in the circular shape.  The LEDs are dimmer than other twelve LEDs.  You might have noticed it in the beginning and ending of sound event. I changed the cables but it didn’t solve the problem. It may be cause of contact between connectors. I don’t know…

opening_at_ACInstitute Left: reverberate Back: escalate

A new work for this exhibition which is hanging 13 light tubes from ceiling. It supposed to activate when visitors stand under the structure; the LEDs blinks like “breathing” only when it is activated.  It was fine before the opening reception, but somehow the sensor got noise from something, so that it was always activated during the reception.  Even though I like the way came out, I want to fix it.
The other problem was the sound from a parametric speaker, which was soft in the circumstance. Well… I should not say “problem,” since this is not the first time to deal with noise from “an opening reception.” I want to ask people to come back in January 2011 when the gallery is quiet.  You will hear what I am singing, especially for people who really know Japanese old folk song. Please find out what the original song is.

I am going to fix these problems during the gallery holidays. The gallery will be opened at 1 p.m. on January 6th, 2011.  I have already rewritten the program for Arduino Uno that I am using this time. I use “Median” and “Mean” filters in order to get rid of the electric noise.  You will see once you come back. Or may not see any difference since the change will be subtle.

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