reopened and solved

It’s already on January 10th, 2011, time is fast.
happy new year — あけましておめでとうございます。—

Here are some reports after the gallery reopened on January 6th, 2011.

Yes, I figured out what the problem was. It was simple: the way of assigned the sound interfaces in Logic. This time, I use one virtual device using “Aggregate Device Editor” in “Audio MIDI Setup” in the “Utilities” folder in “Application” folder. I use two M-Audio sound interfaces; Profire 610 and Firewire 410 instead of using one MOTU Traveler with extra analogue interface like I did in the past exhibitions. Logic can’t read two M-Audio devices as two devices with daisy chain. Therefore, I have to create a virtual device with the utilities. To setup the utilities is easy. I daisy-chained the two devices with firewire cables, and Logic recognizes it without any problem.

I need to use 16 channel analogue outputs in order to run propagate. Both Profire 610 and Firewire 410 have 10 signal outputs each. It sounds like enough outputs, but actually, I need to have 16 “analogue” outputs for propagate. The total number of both analogue sound I/O is 16. Each device has 1-8 as analogue output and 9-10 as S/PDIF. This was the problem I had. I spent only few hours to set up propagate this time. I was able to figure out this analogue interface issues, but I didn’t clearly understand how I supposed to assign in the sound I/O with my sequence in Logic in short time. Now it is solved, and you will see nice blinking of LEDs from the beginning to the end.

The problem I had was an error from Sharp Infrared ranging module GP2Y0A710K. I wanted to activate only when audience comes under the structure and stays few second. Because of nature of sensor, it gets a peak error every several readings. Therefore, I had to use some kind of filter to avoid this kind of errors. This time, I used “Median filter” in the new sketch for Arduino Uno in escalate. It worked, then I thought it was solved. But I found another problem in the gallery. Somehow, the sensor always pick up some noises and keeps error after 4:30 p.m. It sounds like somebody in the building turns on something that makes some noises for the Infrared led sensor… but how? Since I have to ask other people in the building in order to investigate the noise, I will let it goes AS-IS this time. The good part is that audience seems to be fine with current condition, even some of them kindly told me, “I don’t care the problem because it works for me.”

I enjoy figuring out new things, so I often forget what I should think first. The most important part in this project is that how escalate talks to audience, but technology.

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