Parametric speaker

I received this parametric speaker kit from Japan a couple of days ago. Parametric speaker, which uses ultrasonic wave, can send a sound to narrower limited area than normal cone speaker. I want to use it in order to imply some intimate feelings with sound in escalate.

I bought it at that is one of the best sellers of educational electronic kits in Tokyo area.

Although the kit was easy to make, I took 4 hours to assemble all of them. I had a lot of distractions in the holiday weekend… FYI: the kit is developed by Tristate in Japan.

In the diagram, it says the speaker delivers sound signals within 20 degrees.

To assemble and to develop a new system are so fan. I enjoy the process even I have no enough time to make it. I know escalate at AC Institute will be the first version. It will be upgraded once I figure out more things in the future. Whenever I upgrade the system/technology in a work, I name like oxoxox, 2008-2010. I may never stop to upgrade my work until the work leaves from me.

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