prep for AC Institute

Finally, I am in the Thanksgiving Day break and will be able to focus on my project at the AC Institute. I am going to show propagate, reverberate, generate and new work… I am going to call it escalate. Actually, it was a tentative name when I submitted the draft to the gallery, but somehow the name was printed on to the press release. I thought it was not accident, but, destiny. So, I let it go.

I often accept an incident as “destiny,” even one drop of sumi ink on a plain white paper. I try to find a meaning in it. I can’t find the reason sometimes, but I believe there is a reason.

In the press release, it explains “Ide symbolizes the pathway to death.” with escalate. I wrote its outline, so it is not mistake, but, as one of my audience in general, I wonder “how?”

My idea of escalate is not something that I have imagined for a long time. It will be based on what I envisioned when I visited the gallery space at the AC Institute and imagined how I create my environment with other works in the space with my personal experience.

I stop here. It is too early to talk about escalate since I just start to create…

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