Japanese Twitter account

Just reminder of my activity… well this is not “real” activity as a visual artist(?), but something. 日本語99%のTwitter始めました。@tkfmide でフォローしてください。I finally add another Twitter account in Japanese. I separate this from current Twitter account @takafumiide because I still feel my English is terrible… ( or I should say as an instructor in a college level), I am not satisfy with my way of expression in English. You agree it? Then why I keep updating this web in English?

I noticed the fact that I have stressed out not being able to write what I was thinking in past three months. So my way to solve this problem is to express what I am thinking in Japanese!! Yeah! Then, what? Why it is not in this site? For me, this web is very much similar to my art, which is not easy to understand without explanation, navigation, or even help. But I actually like it. I like the ambiguity in my writing in English. You have to use your noggin to figure out what Takafumi says. ha ha ha. I want to keep this vagueness between you and me here.

I think once art leaves from the artist, the art starts to walk by itself. Similar example is interview. More than 10 years ago, I had an interview in Japanese. The contents in an interview are totally uncontrolled after it’s published. “Oh, no, what I said was totally altered!!” I supposed to check the contents before published… It was interesting experience, but I felt “Takafumi Ide” became something else, not me, in the magazine.

I try to explain, but I can’t do it well, even in Japanese. Sometime I take a long time to figure out what I depicted at that time. In text, I put words in lines. You may be able to take and replace them whatever you think “this is what Takafumi is thinking.”


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