3 months since Japan Earthquake

It has been three months since Japan Earthquake. Every “11th” day of month, many people in Japan pray for the victims. For three months, I have looked at many different sources to find out what is rumor and what is fact. Unfortunately, the rumors turned out the real things, and the fact became the lies. Only good thing is that the disaster prove the fact that supplying electricity through nuclear power plant is dangerous to all over the world.

What artist can do, which has been my question since 911 in 2001.
I found one of good examples in this earthquake is Naoto Nakagawa, who helped to depict portraits of victims in tsunami disaster in Iwate Prefecture. The most victims lost their photo albums and their memory in the town…

New York painter draws portraits of evacuees –
AJW by The Asahi Shimbun http://ow.ly/5fo6u

I am thinking of depicting future event.
I am thinking about children.
We have to save their life.

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