ISE main floor – crossroads

Even I prepare well, installing a large scale installation is not easy in a short time. I often take four days to install one large installation. This exhibition, I have five days to install three works; crossroads, breathe, and new work, transpose. Not easy for me. I know what I should do next, but I always say “wait, is this okay?” then stop doing. This is my way to prevent a simple mistake.

I could install more parts last Sunday, but I stopped to do it. I needed time to make sure everything. That’s why people call me “meticulous.” Then some people, even myself, feel that I might be a procrastinator. But a procrastinator is a person who put off something till another day without preparing. I believe I am not, but too much thinking and worry. Whenever I feel I can’t finish a project on time, I recall St. Expedite. I don’t have any specific religious, but…
Well…, too long to write about religious now. I need to prepare the final steps for tomorrow’s installation. Two more day to finish it.

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