ISE solo exhibition opens

My solo exhibition at ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery in Soho was just opened on 9/10. In order to install this works, I had three helpers; Joe Esser, Sachie Hayashida, and my 8 year-old son, also, generous help from the gallery staffs and my family. Thanks to all.

Here is a new work, transpose, in the window display space at 555 Broadway in New York. I have started to create this work since my residency at Vermont Studio Center in June. I am going to explain about this work and others in my artist talk on 10/17, so please come to the event.

I have expected to have some problems in crossroads because of my original circuit, which controls both sound volume and light blinking, since last April when I installed decipher in Second Street Gallery, VA. The system I supposed to use for decipher was same as the one that I am using this exhibition. I thought because of the larger speaker for decipher, I had a flickering problem with the circuit. I kind of understood the problem but couldn’t figure it out, so I switched to a backup system with LED lights at that time.

The flickering problem happened this time again, even with the small speakers. I wonder how I set the system when I installed crossroads at the first time in Stony Brook. I used same system but a larger MAX Amp power converter. I have no backup system this time, so no choice. I spent several hours to figure out the problem. Well.., I couldn’t figure out the problem completely, but I could adjust the volume and light to “acceptable” level.

The opening reception will be held from 6pm to 8pm on Friday 9/17. See you there.

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