NVIDIA video card issue

I have been used MacBook Pro(mid/late 2007) as my main machine since 2007.
I knew that it has several technical issues.  I replaced the recalled rechargeable battery twice.  Right before AppleCare plan expired in June 2010, I asked to replace the LCD display, which had several dead pixels.  After the display replacement, I noticed the fact that the tiny metal above the front push bottom was warped.  As the result, technically, I got a new monitor and fairly used battery in my 3-year-old machine.

Last weekend, while I was updating my web site with an external monitor, I found out the fact that it had the NVIDIA video card issue.  Usually I use only on-monitor, but not for web editing since there are too many small codes to edit in on-monitor.  Luckly, because of this, I could prove the fact that my machine has the issue.

So, if you have MacBook Pro(mid/late 2007), you would be better to check if your machine has the same issue in the video chip/motherboard.

Hopefully, Apple is able to fix my machine this week… so that I can edit my work/documentation images for this web.

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