After NVIDIA issue

I have my MacBook Pro back, which was fixed by Apple.  It took only three days even they ordered new motherboard. It looks okay though, once I started to actual work, I noticed that I had to do something.
Since the motherboard was swapped due to the video-chip on the board, some application/hardware, like Maya and iPhone, must be reauthorized. It required a little bit work, otherwise, it seems okay to me. I’m happy to be able to use my laptop.

Now I should start to edit/upload my images in this web. Well…, it is not that simple.
Now my priority is the fact that I have to write some reports for a grant and other thing for SBU.  In the meanwhile, I need to figure out how the sound signal activate the 12V light bulb with the speaker in my previous post.  I need to order new parts and test them out.

Actually, I will have two exhibitions in September-October 2010.  One is a group exhibition, “SBU Art Faculty Exhibition 2010,” at the University Art Gallery in the Staller Building at the Stony Brook University on Long Island, NY. I am going to show decipher which originally exhibited in the Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA.  I need to start to install in a couple of weeks.  Other one is a solo exhibition in the ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery in Soho, NY. In ISE, I am going to show three works; crossroads, breathe, and new work which has no title yet.

Interesting, so excited, but too busy to work with this schedule.

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