Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013, and 謹賀新年、平成25年。

The year 2012 was a quite big turning point in my life that I can’t share with you in public yet.  It was my personal thing and not bad thing, but still I need to zip my mouth.

Zipping my lips made me feel to be quiet all that time.  Therefore, I somehow avoided to log in to my pages, even facebook or other SNS.

New thing in 2012 that related to my art was the fact that I started to expose my drawing in public. Luckily, I was awarded as one of eleven “Honorable Mentioned” out of 215 artists from 22 countries participated in Tallinn IV Drawing Triennial in Estonia with “accord, 2012” pencil on paper, which is small version of “accord, 2011” that I created for Egyptian Revolution in 2011.

Yes, you are right.  I should update the images of the drawing and other works here on time.  But I just want to keep “my clock” here in my website that is moving slowly and seems almost not working, which I like :-).

If you are interested in my everyday small things, then, please feel free to subscribe/follow my personal facebook or twitter.

Hope you have a wonderful year!


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