Prep for OCC exhibition

In the Twitter and facebook, I said, “think about #egypt, obviously, can’t ignore. (Feb. 3)” And later, “editing sound for a drawing installation. (Feb. 17)”

I wanted to create something that I can support the people who are fighting for their rights. For this project, I recorded some sound/noise of the events from AlJazeera, BBC, CNN, YouTube in order to create one sound file, which represents the timeline of Egyptian Revolution with my wish for peaceful ending in their future.

I collected the materials and edited them in one file. I edited the sound not only for hearing of noise and chant of crowd, but also seeing of sound, which I wanted to prepare for next step: drawing. The sound waves are placed in chronological order. In the middle of this sound file, I kept “quiet moment” that is my hope for a peaceful moment. Meanwhile, it divides the timeline between the instant before and after the leader stepped down. I used the sound from the cheerful chant in the last part.

In the above snap shot, the yellow sound wave is the one that I traced for a drawing.
The photograph below shows how I set up the overhead projector and the transparent film paper for tracing.

The total length of sound file is 34 seconds. The total length of drawing is 270 inches, which are divided in nine 30×22″ papers.

These pencil drawings will be hang in the main gallery space in The Gallery at the Ann Felton Multicultural Center at Onondaga Community College from today until April 5th, 2011.

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