Start to install “decipher”

Started to install decipher in the University Art Gallery at Stony Brook University. It is for the Faculty Exhibition 2010, which will open on Wednesday 9/15. For installing decipher, it will take about 3 days if there is no technical problem without interruption. I need to test out my new electronic circuit for 12V light, so I prefer to take time. At the same time, I am still developing a new work for a window display gallery in the ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery. I do multiple things in same time.

Almost empty space in the University Art Gallery, Stony Brook University

Hidden materials(?) for decipher. The 8 black terminals on the white board are for the cables of sound and light signals. The board will be installed on the ceiling. In the left, there is a hexagon shape black bowl, which will be hang under the board in 10′ height, then 8 bow-shaped round rods will be attached.

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