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Window – transpose

transpose is a new work for the window space gallery at the ISE Cultural Foundation in Soho, NY, which is also opened on next Friday 9/10. I finally tested it out the system with real equipment/setup, which works great. Then, … Continue reading

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Hanging decipher

Hanging art work is easy for me. It just takes time. I am probably doing slowly. Somebody said, “You are meticulous.” I hope she meant in a good way. I hung eight bow-shaped round rods with 6″ mid-range speaker. The … Continue reading

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Three projects

Usually, I work on two or three projects at the same time. Here, I have the circuits for decipher and crossroads, which I will start to install from September 2nd, and also a remote control machine that may be for … Continue reading

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NVIDIA video card issue

I have been used MacBook Pro(mid/late 2007) as my main machine since 2007. I knew that it has several technical issues.  I replaced the recalled rechargeable battery twice.  Right before AppleCare plan expired in June 2010, I asked to replace the … Continue reading

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I need to figure out how this works with 12V light.

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