drawing for archival prints

Since 1999, I have used Mac and Wacom Tablet as my drawing tools for archival digital prints. I use Wacom Tablet. This is quite old… Intuos 2, which is still in perfect working condition, and I have no reason to buy new one. A great product!!

I always take a photograph in order to trace a motif.  When I worked for a monthly periodical “Car Graphic” magazine, I always looked for a nice car. If you are interested in to see my illustration for “Car Graphic” magazine, please visit here: http://cargraphic.takafumiide.com/.

For the project at Kickstarter.com, my motif is “threshold.”

I open the photo image, which I took at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park last week, in Photoshop. I trace and draw the motif or subject with brush tool. It often takes about 4 hours to draw the main subject.

But sometimes I spend more time because I do several jobs in once. More time is better, because I can adjust my eyes. I prefer to have some breaks while I am drawing.

Here is the image of the middle of process for creating 5 x 7 inch print. I usually trace all the line and add shadows in this process.

I like how the black color with Brush tools works for my style of drawing. After I finish the all black ink, I add color. I am thinking to add pale green in the background with leaves…

Let’s see what is going on next!


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