Deinstalled decipher

Whenever I deinstall my work, I wonder how my installation/work talked to the audience. I haven’t been in the gallery while it was exhibiting this time. Actually, it is impossible for me to stay in gallery for a long preriod. When I was young in Tokyo, I was always in the gallery with my work. I could enjoy talking to my audience in the gallery… It was only for a week or two, so I could stay there in the period. Now, I don’t know how the audience talked about my work. If it got reviewed, I would be able to see a reaction, at least, from the reviewer, though…

It is nice to have enough time to pack up the all materials like this. Once I neatly pack up, the materials won’t be rust and damaged, and will be easy to transport and re-install in a next chance.

I don’t have a plan to install decipher in the future, yet.
I feel like to talk to decipher, “go to sleep for a while until next time.”

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